Short Term Rental Management London

A Little Bit About Our Short-Term Rental Management Company in London


#1 Your Property Is Our Property

Our experience in the hotel sector means we have developed extensive links with only the most reliable and capable maintenance workers. It is in our interests, as well as yours, that your property is always in the best condition, and our company will work hard to ensure that this is always the case.

#2 Full Care and Service

The service we provide is total and all encompassing. We look after our guests, but we also look after you. We take care of everything, from the initial interior decorations, to the final guest service, to always keep your property running smoothly.

#3 Getting You the Most Value

On average, the occupancy rates for the properties we manage is at 80%. Our focus on short-term rental management means we can sometimes double the income you would receive from your house, in comparison to letting it out long-term.

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About the Stay has been able to continue in a competitive market by always striving to uphold a number of important values.


Chang Liu created About the Stay after extensive experience in the hospitality industry. It was during this time that she worked in a number of hotels in London.

She worked in various areas of the industry including sales and marketing, guest service and event management.

Naturally, these roles have given Chang serious understanding and knowledge of the hospitality industry which is reflected in the service we deliver at About the Stay.


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