Maximising your rental returns with Professional Photography

Grace’s story

Grace had managed to build a large portfolio of properties through careful saving and investment. Grace found us when she was looking to enhance the performance of the properties she owned. She had a two-bed house located near the ExCel Exhibition Centre and decided to list it on Airbnb using her own equipment. However, the pictures were often low quality and did not underscore the beauty of her home.


The challenge

Grace owns many properties but was not proficient in letting out properties on Airbnb. She lacked the understanding and knowledge to know how to best position her rental property and how to maximise value from it.


A professional photographer was booked to photograph the property immediately after the deep cleaning and design team. A bespoke pricing strategy was then designed for her portfolio. We also created guest manuals and internal operation manuals to ensure her guests enjoyed their stay and that her house was properly maintained and managed.


Grace’s apartment soon generated over 100 views on Airbnb. Her house became very popular and soon achieved an occupancy rate of around 80% which is brilliant for a first month.

Her Feedback

Short-term letting seriously grew the performance of her property portfolio. Grace told us that she was so happy she chose us to manage her properties and praised the attention that we invested into her house.

 Short Term Rental Management in London

Short Term Rental Management in London


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