Let About The Stay Take The Hassle Out Of Short-term Property Rental Management

Paul’s Story

Paul was a financial analyst who worked in the City. He owned a one-bedroom property that was just a block away from the office where he worked at. Paul was short letting and managing the property himself, undertaking all communications, cleaning and check in service.

To save on hiring a professional property management agent, Paul did the laundry cleaning in the evening and checked in guests during his lunch break. However, Paul was soon finding that the time and effort involved with short-term rental management was affecting his personal and work life.



The Challenge

Paul was very cautious and believed that a property management agency charged hefty fees, for doing very little in return.


We carefully explained to Paul the work we would provide and highlighted that we also have serious knowledge and experience to bring to the table – which is very important in improving the performance of the property.

However, we also assured Paul that we are not reactive but proactive. Our carefully selected team would identify problems before they arose and anticipate all the needs of the guest. We were on hand to provide a warm welcome, ensure a smooth check out and deliver detailed communication with guests so that they were always happy. It is this focus on excellent customer service that would improve reviews and enhance profitability.





Paul’s property had an initial score of 4. Since we managed the property, that rating grew to 4.8. Paul received more bookings and better monthly returns. The income he received was significantly more – and this included our management fees.

His Feedback

Paul was hesitant about the whole idea of using a professional property management company and was unsure if the math would work out. He told us he was wrong and is so glad that he found us, leaving him more time to focus on his career.

Are you in the same boat as Paul? Contact us for a chat and see how our short-term rental management in London can help you.