How We Made the Most of Shawn’s Luxury Flat 

Shawn's Story 

Shawn was a landlord from overseas, who had two exclusive apartments in his London portfolio. One of these was located in the Notting Hill and was a two-bedroom luxury modern apartment that had been renovated from a 5-star hotel.


 The Challenge

Shawn had an extremely busy schedule and lived in a location that had an eight-hour time difference with the UK. Shawn had no personal preference for the interior design and was unsure as to what was best for short-term renting. One potential issue was that the high value of the flat meant we had to undertake lots of research to find the most appropriate items that would match the quality of the property.

Execution and Delivery

Our interior design team had a structured meeting with Shawn to go through all design questions and issues. The most important aspect was to define the right budget and design, and we were able to achieve this by showing Shawn past projects we worked on.

We used our bespoke design package with 3D illustration boards which were sent out to Shawn for reviewing. Shawn was then able to offer feedback and these were incorporated into the designs. From this collaborative process we were able to pick a design that really showcased the quality of the property, and every little thing was taken care of, from the ornaments to the colours of the bedsheets and curtains.


All of the furniture was ordered and delivered within two weeks. Interior decoration took place soon after, and the property was listed after just three weeks after initial discussions with the client. The property soon generated over £5,000 a month with a daily rate of £250 per night in the low season.

His Feedback

Shawn was very happy with the furniture, design and function of his property. He was also very pleased with how we operated, managing every little step of the process easily and smoothly.




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