Short Term Rental Management London



Full service management for a fixed monthly income at an agreed rate.

Perfect for: 
Clients who want our total service from start to finish with a fixed revenue on the monthly basis.



  • Stress free
  • Total peace of mind knowing your property and guests will be looked after.
  • Your house will be impeccably cleaned, ready for you or your next guest.
  • You are in always in control of your property.
  • No gaps in-between.

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Full service management for a management fee which starts from 20%.

Perfect for: 
Clients who want total service from start to finish who would like to benefit from the unlimited rental income that short-term letting provides.


  • Hassle free
  • Unlimited rent income
  • Flexible calendar control on your own properties
  • The more you get paid – the more we get paid
  • No long-term contract commitments 

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Bespoke service management which is suitable for portfolio owners, organisations and other real estate professionals.

Perfect for: 
Clients who want total service from start to finish who would like to benefit from the unlimited rental income that short-term letting provides.


  • Bespoke design package
  • Exclusive account management with one professional client manager
  • Bespoke letting through different platforms for maxing yield
  • Introduced with technology tool for greater control of your portfolio

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What pricing plan is right for me?

We offer a number of solutions to really help you get the most value out of your property.

The fixed package is perfect for those property owners who are unsure about the flexible unlimited monthly returns. We normally undertake a good survey of a property in a central location with great potential yields so we can guarantee you a fixed revenue on monthly basis. Please note that this plan is only applicable to certain properties, but we are more than happy to help you identify the right plan for managing your property. 

The executive package is our most popular solution and is aimed at the property owner who wants us to take care of everything. As we take a percentage, our clients will know that it is always in their interest and ours to maximise yields.

The elite package is designed for portfolio owners, organisations and other real estate professionals. We can utilize our know-how to help generate maximum yield by using the perfect combination of technology and expert knowledge

Why should I use a short-term management company?

Whether you are new or experienced, managing a short-term rental property will consume at least 30 hours of your time a week. If there are any issues or problems – naturally, the hours spent managing the property, will be significantly higher.

If you are struggling to do all of the work necessary to maintain a high-quality rental property – then a management company will provide much needed assistance. Or, if you would simply like more time, or find that your ratings are consistently low to average, you can also benefit from the expertise and experience that a management company can bring.


 Why should I use About The Stay?

We aim to provide a five-star service not just for the guests that stay in your property – but for you, the property owners that we manage for. We are always on hand to assist and guide you in extracting the most value from your property. Our clients choose us because we take care of every little detail from start to finish. We also specialise in short-term rental management, which is reflected in the higher yields we achieve for our clients.

How will you look after my property?

Firstly, we do not let anyone and everyone stay in your property. We carefully vet and screen all of the guests that would like to book your property, so you can rest assured that all of the guests will treat your home with care and respect. Secondly, we are covered with specialised short-term rental insurance – so if in the rare case, something does happen – our insurance will ensure your property is not permanently damaged.

How will you ensure high occupancy rates for my property and increase my yield?

Ensuring that your property is consistently booked is a fine art, and we use a combination of automation and human interaction to price your property properly, which is key. A number of external factors will impact on bookings including the season, weather or local events.

Once these aspects are taken into account, we can look at the viewings and bookings a property is generating. Our computer programmes will quickly inform us if a property is being reserved too little or too often. If this is case, we can price the property accordingly to achieve optimum value.

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