How We Restored Kevin's Faith in Short-Term Letting

Kevin’s Story

Kevin was a trader working for a hedge fund in London and was introduced to us through an existing client. He owned a three-bedroom property in Canary Wharf which was managed by another short-term rental management company. However, he believed that they were not developing the potential value of his property.


Short Term Rental Management In London in London?


The Challenge

Kevin’s faith in property management companies had been damaged by his current company. He was also under the impression that it wasn’t daily rate that was important, but the occupancy rate.

Execution and Delivery

The founder of About the Stay, Chang personally engaged Kevin and conducted a very informative meeting with him. About the Stay managed to rebuild Kevin’s confidence in short-term letting by highlighting how algorithms and bespoke pricing strategies could increase rental income.


Kevin signed a contract with About the Stay for a three-month probationary period. Thanks to our bespoke pricing strategy, Kevin boosted his monthly return by 15% with an average occupancy rate of 80%. Kevin soon signed a 24-month contract with us to manage his property.

His Feedback

Kevin was satisfied by the initial meeting and this helped restore his confidence in short-term letting. About the Stay saw the potential of the property and delivered a tailored pricing strategy to ensure Kevin got the most out of his house.

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