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 Short Term Rental Management in London

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Submit your property to About The Stay, we will get back to you with an estimate of how much you could earn using our short-term rental management service.

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If you have a few properties you would like to submit, then get in touch. We can manage any number of short-term rentals on your behalf with our price plans.

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Many Properties

No matter how many properties you want to submit, no matter their location in London; Our short-term management service can help you earn with ease!

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We Take Care Of Everything, While You Earn


Short Term Rental Listings in London

Professional Listing

Interior design consultation

Professional photography

Profile and listing set up

House Keeping Rental Management in London


5-star housekeeping team

Hotel quality linen

Trusted and reliable 


Interior Design Rental Management in London

Interior Decoration

Give your property a make over

Staying true to your tastes

Working within your budget

Short Term Rental Management in London

Guest Service

Guest screening and verification checks

In-person welcome and greet

24/7 guest support


Yield Maximisation

Daily pricing review for best bookings

Our own pricing algorithms

Rich booking management experience

Short Term Rental Management In London in London

Safety and Security

Short-let insurance covering all damages

Maintenance management for all repairs

Maintenance consultation and advisor


Booking and Rental Management in London

Booking Management

Guest communications

Booking and cancellation management

5-star guest review moderation

Channel and Rental Management in London

Channel Management

Maximise properties’ visibility

Unique offline channels

Targeted marking strategy


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Maximising the visibility of your London listing across channels, such as... 

 Airbnb channel management in london channel management in london


 Expedia Rental Management In London

Tripadvisor Rental Management In London       


Short Term Rental Management In London

Make the Most of Your Property

About The Stay is a reliable and experienced management company dedicated to maximizing the value of your home. Today’s property market is a demand led market, and if you own a property in London, you can benefit from serious yields – especially if you let your property in the short-term market. Whether you are looking for Airbnb management or Home rental management, at About The Stay – we specialise in short-term rental management.

You may not have the time, patience or inclination to let your property out in the short-term. However, we are here to take the stress and hassle out of this process, and you can benefit from higher short-term yields – without the added work. Get in touch for more information about short-term rental management in London.



Why Use About The Stay? 

The Highest Yields

We are proud of the fact that we will increase your yield. In comparison to the long-term market, short-term letting is significantly superior at extracting the most value out of your property. You may think that the costs of a management company will deplete any worthwhile gains – but you will benefit from serious yields, with our fees included. 

Total Care

At About The Stay, we take care of everything. Our service is total and all-encompassing and you can trust us to decorate your home, greet your guests and clean up after them when they leave. Our 24/7 support means we are always in the best position to look after your visitors and keep them totally happy.


The brilliant thing about short term letting is that you are always in control. You have control of your property through the calendar, so you can simply block any days you wish to reserve for yourself or your friends and family. With short-term letting, if you want your property back – then you’ll get it back straight away!



 Make Your Property Work For You.


If you have ever let your property, you will know just how time-consuming it can all be. Now imagine doing it every day. With About the Stay, you won’t have to.

We take care of every little detail so you can sit back, relax and watch your property work for you.



Who We Work With 


Property Rental Management in London


If you own a property but you are frequently away and leave your home unattended – make the most of that unattended property by letting it out.



If you have sold a property, there can often be waits of months before sales are finalised. Making it available to short-term in that down time, can earn you serious extra income.


Property Rental Management in London

Property Owners

If you own a number of properties, you may not have even considered short-term letting. The yields and flexibility we offer, mean you really should.


Property Developers

If you have developed a number of properties, you may have many vacant homes, waiting to be sold. Make the most of those properties in the meantime.



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Short Term Rental Management In London in London